CWS Technology

Our Process

Our Methodology is built around agile process, test-driven development, and cutting-edge tools. We always design for the user, and we always code according to our carefully designed wireframes and mock ups.

As world market conditions continue to evolve, so too have the pressures and expectations being placed on organizations. In many cases, the difference between red and black ink can often be attributed to the operational effectiveness derived from the “IT Efficiencies” of the organization.

For the sake of context, “CWS Technology” can mean different things to different organizations and audiences. As a noun, “CWS Technology” can be viewed as the roadmap project managers, business analysts and a group of highly skilled professionals rely on to consistently deliver products and applications on time and within budget.

CWS believes in – Once a project has been officially launched it must be planned, the design must begin and the high level testing efforts should be identified. This can be accomplished through leveraging the following deliverables: project plan, project deliverables, project schedule (work breakdown structure), CM Plan, QA plan, project procedures, project risk log, project issue log, change request log, user acceptance (UA) test plan, user acceptance (UA) evaluation criteria, user acceptance (UA) defect log and requirements traceability log.

Often the most difficult and important task that any IT department can make is to select and implement an all-encompassing and necessary methodology. Most IT organizations flounder for lack of standard methodology practices, but they often adopt tools, packages, and other software with false expectations, poor selection processes, inappropriate training, and half-hearted implementation support (eventually leading to shelfware rather than effective product usage). CWS carefully prepares a selection process to ensure a meaningful implementation of methodology tools.

Methodology Diagram