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RIA Development

Rich Internet Application Development

Rich Internet Application Development came into existence with the increase in demand for enhanced web-user experience together with need for interactive software development. They are applications that combine functionality and improved user interface of desktop software, convenience and low-cost deployment of web-based applications and best of multimedia, interactive communication.

Salient features of RIAs that will empower your business with the following solutions:

More Responsive Website: Website responds faster as it makes the communication and functioning of the web application server and user’s computer at a high pace, which results in high speed data processing. The web-browser interacts directly with the remote server and due to the specific technologies used, it simplifies the complex processes (like purchasing or registration), perform considerably faster than traditional Web applications and save bandwidth , thus multiplying customer’s online engagement and feedback.

Consistent Network: RIAs does not require several pages reloads for an action completion. It enables interactively controlled transactions that do not distract the end user from an actionable goal.

Intelligent Synchronized Communication: The developed feature enables it to dynamically adjust their behavior by capturing and using contextual information. RIAs seamlessly and interactively deliver users exactly what they want and greatly reduce their time, effort and workload spent on targeted actions performance, acting as smarter customers’ assistants rather than just mere tools.

Targeted: RIAs technologies give amazing background for development of captivating user interfaces that are completely focused on your and users need, having the application design optimized for the goal it serves.

Thus, via intelligent, interactive and truly reach interface, RIAs have the ability to bring online customers, full-featured functionality compared to other desktop applications. The essence of RIAs is its ability to eliminate such limitations of typical web applications as data entering, low HTML interactivity, retrieval and processing problems, feedback loops and scalability complicities. Moreover, RIAs gives businesses a qualitatively new platform for different types of content allocation as they allow distribution of images, video, text and audio data in the convenient and yet effective, user-oriented way.

Combining experience, deep knowledge of technology with loyalty towards our clients’ business, we are committed to deliver comprehensive RIAs. We embrace best designs, development, analytics and delivery practices. Our company is experienced in both building new RIAs with robust functionality and expressive, rich, client-oriented interface and legacy applications re-architecture.

All our efforts and commitments are driven towards one aim of upgrading online experience of your prospects and customers, enhancing user loyalty, leads and sales thus to continual reinforcement of your software and Internet investments.