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HTML5 Web Development

CWS Technology is the leading provider of web solutions with our highly professional team having expertise in developing websites based on the latest HTML5 platform. We use the latest technology to develop light and fast web sites validated thoroughly to work with various browsers and on all client devices.

HTML5 is a highly credible markup language used for structuring and presenting content and is considered as the core technology of the Internet. Being the fifth version of the Hyper Text Markup Language series it subsume not only the previous versions like HTML4 but also XHTML and DOM Level 2, and its’ core aim is to improve the working of the language with various multimedia platforms while keeping it suitable for human understanding and consistently readable by different computers and browsers. The flexibility it provides makes it the most developer friendly hands-on tool to make the website user friendly. This next generation HTML language offers unique and easy to understand development platform and features integrated with database benefits like dynamic pages of CMS site and video features.

Benefits of HTML5

The HTML5 is the ultimate choice for building a dynamic website. Its’ biggest advantage is that, it is free even if it is feature rich and supported by multiple browsers. It is widely preferred by various search engines and is always used in different sites extensively. HTML5 is the latest specification and is widely favored, since it displays excellent capabilities of covering video and graphics and offers many APIs also. This is widely promoted by Google and Mozilla as the analyst have suggested that the next-generation applications based on it are incredibly responsive and does include a plethora of enhancements and features.

Our web developing team has vast experience of working with different horizons and knows the potential it carries when combined with JavaScript and CSS3. HTML5 proves amazing when used for mobile application development. The leading mobile platforms including IOS, Android and Blackberry have browsers that comply with HTML5, which allows the developers to create web applications for desktops with exact code as used for developing iPad or any other tablet application.

HTML5 has lead the new generation of web applications as its core functionality allows the web applications to store locally in application cache, letting it easy for the users to access the application. We at CWS Technology are technology savvy and know how to use the latest version of HTML5 to create immaculate website and providing you the best website development services.