CWS Technology

Native Android Application Development

These days Android with its’ multi-tasking and robust features, is the latest technology affecting our daily life. As it is an open-source and highly flexible operating system, Android is a widely accepted platform used to develop flexible, scalable and powerful applications that enhance the user experience. These applications have a high practical usage and can be easily integrated into services like GPS based devices, libraries including images, audio and video files to ensure real time experience of the user.

Android is one of the best operating platform for running a variety of mobile applications. Due to its’ high flexibility, user-friendly interface with amazing features and graphics it has become one of the most sought after mobile operating system for developing apps. It is compatible on many handheld device and bring completeness to the device through its all-round performance, be it speed, battery life or lite size.

CWS Technology is a leader in developing efficient and state-of-the-art Android applications. We create rich and varied applications for android devices utilizing online streaming, location based GPS services that perfectly fulfills the need of any Android based Smartphone user. We also develop applications to connect and collaborate with the business applications.

Our Native Android Apps Development team consists of highly skilled members having an extensive experience of catering the needs of users from different industry verticals. We develop custom Android applications for organizations, retail, industrial and consumer sectors. CWS Technology has emerged as a value-driven Android application development company. If you want to put your organization on the mobile development road map, our Android applications development can enable you to stay ahead in business and boost revenue.

What makes CWS Technology an exceptional Android apps development services provider is our immense technological knowledge of latest SDK, Java, C, C++, and many other coding and programming languages, which makes the whole functioning sophisticated yet smoother. We are among the few ones who develop high-end apps for latest versions of Android like 4.4 Kitkat, 4.3 Jelly Bean. We also provide backend and maintenance services for any issue come up in any other applications. Some of the services we offer are-

  • Android market development services.
  • Social media integration services
  • Android tablet development services
  • Custom applications compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS

CWS Technology handles the work with 70+ programmers and developers while executing all the work in the pre-defined time lines setting a new quality standard in the field of services.