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While nobody can deny that Mobile has altered the landscape of communication, what we are now witnessing is the growth in the mobile app development market. Mobile overtook desktops as people’s preferred device to access the internet. Mobile internet is growing at the expense of all other media as the majority of the internet usage is through mobile devices.

Mobile apps continue to achieve major milestones illustrating their popularity and with this new avenue, it has opened new opportunities for retailers, publishers, marketers etc.

Developing a mobile app is the not the only step, perhaps, it’s the first step towards success and as a developer, you need to think from user’s perspective as what makes them click the “download” button. You need to make your presence felt in the niche market so that users can connect with you. Leave no space for mistakes and before the completion of the process ensure that you have marketing tactics ready in your arsenal so that you can shoot the moment your app is ready. However, deploying reliable mobile app marketing strategies gives you an edge over others making users to click the download button more often.

Since it has become a popular medium, there’s a thin line that you shouldn’t cross to avoid making mistakes that will prompt them to seek alternatives.

So here are some Don’ts in front of you that you should avoid at any cost.

Apps are not the simplified version of websites:

Apps are not mini versions of websites. Though, they are the smaller version of websites enabling the exact features and functionality but navigating through a mobile app is completely different as compared to desktops. Both of them offer different navigation experience, therefore, should be treated differently.

You cannot emulate all the functionality of a website in an app as the screen size shrinks and so, do the input feed and any disturbance in user experience will make users quickly discard the app. What you can do is to first, analyze which functionality you need to focus on and how you can present the mobile version without missing out on anything.

For instance, you can have a look at Facebook. The Facebook website uses column layout for displaying content in the center and advertisements in sidebars on the left/right while on the other hand, the Facebook mobile app displays only the main content providing users with a streamlined view.

First App Development followed by marketing strategies:

Developers often think two steps ahead of time, though, sometimes it could lead to unfavourable results. The aim of mobile app marketing is to let customers know your services so that it could sell itself and even before commencing the development cycle, they start thinking of how to cash in their efforts. That’s where you need to pause, instead of dreaming of impressive download figures focus on mobile app development.

Just develop a great app back it up with an effective marketing strategy it’s as simple as that. This is imperative to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business.

Downloads are Good but retention is better:

The download figures can be impressive but that figure doesn’t solely determine your app’s success, retention does. For a real and long term sustainable profit, you need to work towards better retention i.e. keeping users who have used your app once. The lifetime value of users is one of the important metrics to evaluate performance and profitability. Keep users engaged and provide them with reasons to keep coming back. You can implement user engagement resources such as subscriptions, push notifications, in-app purchases etc. and retain your user base.

Neglecting ASO(App Store Optimization) :

Don’t make it hard for people to finding your app as there are other applications in the App store. Just like we have SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for making websites visible on search engines, we have ASO(App Store Optimization). You need to optimize your app to make it discoverable. Have right keywords, title description in your app page and have high search volume.

There are some tools like SearchMan, MobileDevHQ, Appnique for improving ASO so that users will easily find your app in the App store.

Just a reminder that ASO varies from platform to platform(iOS or Android) so ensure that you tailor to the specific ASO of the different platforms.

No, I don’t need Feedback:

You have to communicate with the audience to understand their needs as well to know where you can improve. Feedback and reviews let users share their experiences and through feedback, their voice can be heard. Let customers communicate to you through perspective, feedback, queries and views as this will ensure that your time and effort is well invested.

After all, retailers who address their customer’s concerns and issues continue to enjoy a better customer base and better retention.

Create a powerful mobile app and then put in your app marketing efforts, this way you add value not to your business but to users also. Put all the metrics in the right place and let your app connects you with millions of users.
There are some pitfalls that you should avoid at any cost. Invest in research and analysis and spend some time to drive your mobile app marketing strategies.


Your world is in your pocket, isn’t it? There’s an app for almost everything. Be it booking tickets, online shopping, live streaming etc. More and more people are shifting from offline to the online base and so do the business methodologies. Enterprises now have their own business apps so that they can efficiently make their presence felt and render services to users. It is going to have a huge impact on every industry. In fact, you’ve observed that small business interact with its users on daily basis through their dedicated mobile application. Hence, these businesses are way ahead in taking their growth and marketing to the next level.

As of June 2016, there are 2.2 million Android apps and 2 million iOS applications. This figure tells the importance of mobile applications in today’s scenario. Mobile applications have changed our lives completely and the way of doing business.

Is it worth to have a mobile app?

Do you want to be available 24×7? If the answer is yes, then you need to have a mobile app for your business. We are witnessing a transition from browsing the web on desktops to mobile devices. If you want to have an edge over others and be more competent, then the mobile app is the way to go.

Having a mobile app enhances the brand image and the reliability of the business. Whether you are a small scale enterprise or a big organization you need to have a mobile app and take your marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Not so easily convinced? Here are some reasons that would make you consider having a mobile app sooner or later and bring in immeasurable benefits.

1.Direct marketing channel:

Your business is doing fine but least you know that through mobile apps you can make it from better to best. There is no point in having a business if you can’t get the message out to users. One of the biggest advantages of mobile apps is that they have multiple functions i.e. you can provide users with all the relevant information, any latest notification, news feeds, general info and can also promote you business. Everything users want is right at their fingertips. Push notification is the new trend that has been included in the business process. Through push notifications, you get even closer to users and the users will reciprocate the same feelings.

2.Provide more value to users:

Offer good opportunities for users and they will embrace it. Business is like two-way traffic the more you provide users with valuable service the more they will stick to the app. You can take the user engagement level to a new level as long as you provide a level of value that they can’t get anywhere else. The more the users interact with your business the more positive impact it will have on them which in turn can escalate your business process.

You can offer rewards exclusively for app users or special sales offer or other strategies and lure them into buying the products. You can let them purchase and pay directly through the app only to speed up the process. Introduce some smartphone-based loyalty programs. Consequently, have more downloads and more clients.

3.On-The- Go advertising:

With mobile apps, you are available 24×7, no second thoughts to that. Users can contact you and access the app anytime. On-The-Go advertising offers many opportunities to keep users engage. This implies that whenever they want to have a particular service or to buy something, the possibility is that they will come looking for your app. Being that way can be an advantage to your company. Mobile apps are completely a game changer for customer service.

4.Be visible all the time:

Statistics show that the first thing people do after waking up and the last thing before going to bed is to check their mobile phones. You can be available all the time through apps. This means that they can browse and access mobile apps at any moment of the day whether they are waiting in a line or at the station or at the shopping mall. It is a perfect way to make customers aware of your business and get the message out to the buying public. Plus you are always there for them.

5.Make your business move fast enough:

With new technological innovations evolving every day, it is quite easy to move business at a faster rate. The mobile app is one of the many ways. It is an opportunity for your business to move faster than your competitors and have the competitive advantage. The faster your business gets adapted to the new technology the better it will be to be in the market. Embracing new technology is a deciding factor for your business and it’s your choice either to swim or sink.

6.The World has gone Mobile:

People are embracing the new technology and has gone mobile. People use their phones to look for particular services and to finding local commerce whereas, businesses used mobile phones as a medium to communicate effectively and efficiently with users. As a business’s branding name is viewed by mobile networks, therefore, merely having a website is not sufficient anymore. People are shifting from desktops to compact mobile devices and there is no turning back. Users are getting online and this could be the new potential that could open new doors of opportunities for your business. As it is a global phenomenon that could expand your business and make you at par with the elite ones.

Now you must have been convinced. As you know the benefits of having a business app, so don’t waste any time and start soon. You can hire a mobile app development company or have your in-house mobile app development depending on the budget and business objectives. Either way, a mobile app is an important component of your business for growing it and is the cornerstone for the future of your business.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, CWS Technology, has over 5 years of experience with Customized Web Application development using technologies like PHP, Mysql, AJAX, Jquery, Extjs, API Integration, Customized iPhone/iPad apps development. CWS offer high quality enterprise web development/maintenance/testing / deployment services.

With headquarters in Boston MA, CWS Technology provides superior IT consulting services for managing the implementation of Computer based Software Management Systems in the retail industry, serving international sectors.

CWS Technology brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, acting as liaison between the end-user and the software provider.

The goal of CWS is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

CWS today is the realization of a vision shared by young entrepreneurs. After starting out in a single room, company now includes a team of 70+ programmers, designers and analyst working fulltime under one roof.

The beliefs of CWS can be summarized in these statements:

  • To strive for excellence and deliver the best results possible to our clients;
  • To maintain uncompromising ethics and integrity;
  • To continuously grow, share and learn, as the web evolves;
  • To communicate effectively and use client feedback for self- improvement and growth.

CWS Technology is continually expanding upon their knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully implementing Custom made web solutions for specific needs of the clients.