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B2BBusiness to business portal or website has a very vital role to play as the world is getting smaller and organizations are looking for a one stop solution. As is common knowledge, the business to business are commercial transactions which are specific to a wholesaler and retailer or between manufacturer and wholesaler.


Need to be Demand-specific

As in B2B transactions, the portal needs to have points according to the industry it is looking to cater to. The portal needs to clearly mention the products they want to offer or sell and make it easy for the purchaser to get an insight. Also, since an individual or a single end user is not considered, the procedures to make it simple can be skipped;  however, necessary modifications need to be made so that it reaches the right audience perfectly.


Consider Different Business Aspects

Have clear tabs on the portal which suggests the right option. Mention the tabs they need to hit in case they want to see the list products, or say, if they want to get the price list for each type of product. You may have a gallery or photo album which depicts the set of products you offer; or you may also categorize the products and place them in folders based on their price or type. Also, you may have an option of sorting where the buyer can sort products based on their prices and type or availability. All these factors make it easy to navigate through the website and helps to better and faster transactions.


Customer Care and after Sales-service

The last but not the least is the customer care and the after-sales tabs which need to be prominently highlighted. This not only gives a good impression about the portal and the firm but also the provides the trust factor which is very important. So, follow on these steps and get a great b2b  portal for your firm.

Using a Framework is better ideaWith internet becoming a tool that is used every single day by millions of people; it is absolutely imperative to have a website that performs to an optimal level. A website’s functionality is a key factor in deciding the progress or growth of a specific business. With so much riding on the websites; developers try their best to code a web domain, for coding also plays an essential role in the making of a site. 

Out of all the innumerable variables engaged in building a website, framework also holds a special place because of its consistent advantages. Using a framework can be a beneficial idea as it has the ability to exalt the overall scope of a site.

Let us delve into this and ascertain the uses of a framework. First of all, framework helps a lot with the coding. As aforementioned, coding plays an important part because a website is made of myriads of codes that affects its functioning. With the help of pre-built functions within a framework, coding can be completed at a much faster speed thus improving the efficiency.

Along with this, frameworks render effective security solutions. Fixing a security glitch within a framework is an easy task and therefore this enhances the security implementation on the whole. In addition to this, one of the biggest advantages of a framework is its cost.

Most of the frameworks come for free even the popular ones as well. With this kind of cost reduction, you can easily attain higher profit margins. That’s not all. With such price efficient characteristics, frameworks provide continuous and long-term support from various providers as well.

Well, all of the aforementioned points clearly state a fact that using a framework is the appropriate choice to make considering the benefits every framework brings along.

Website Redesign Online or virtual world literally moves at a high speed. From sending messages from one corner of the globe to another in a matter of micro seconds to placing a video call between two far off countries; it has the ability to connect and transfer data within seconds. Within such a rapidly changing environment, changes need to be instant or you can easily lag behind.

Now with business depending huge on its web domains and websites being one of major generators  of revenue for any business, it is of the utmost importance to know when to re-design your website.  Especially for online businesses, website design is like the quintessential factor or deciding factor  that needs to be properly taken care of.

Let’s discuss some of the factors that have the ability to compel and change the design of your website. Firstly, mobile or smartphone usability; with the onset of the smartphone era you need to understand your user base and identify their source of surfing your website. If a larger user base accesses your website thorough a smartphone, then it is quite obvious that you need to re-design your website in a way that it open well on a smartphone screen.

Secondly, if you’re trying to change the inventory; with the change in product line at the display, you need to be careful and re-design your website in way that accentuates the products at display. This can help increase the overall turnover of your business.

Third but not the last; you need to find out the reach of your website. If your website is not easily reachable through renowned search engines, you’re in for trouble. This won’t grab you the necessary number of ‘eyes’ and your website will be like an isolated monument in a desert.

Well, these are some of the reasons to induce a change in the design of your website. Keep an eye on this space for more.

dynamicEver since the inception of the internet era, IT world has undergone a drastic change. With almost everything encapsulated over the web, internet has unequivocally changed our lives forever. But the most imperative aspect of the worldwide web i.e. websites; have by default the most crucial role to play.

Now websites are of two types- Static and Dynamic website. So, forgoing the non-relevant topic at the moment, let us directly delve into the know-how of a Dynamic Website.

In one line, Dynamic Website exhibits superb customization entailing myriads of details which have the ability to accommodate every preference of its owner. To be detailed, we’d say that a dynamic website is a website that lets its owner to update the content of the website every now and then. This is simply not possible in a static website without the help of an expert web designer.

So this implies that, even if you’re not a web expert, you can still upload, alter or change content over your website. In here, dynamic basically refers to the functioning of a website. Let us provide you with an example- an estate agent’s website which has a specific search operation to look for properties. This is one of the features of a dynamic site.

Also, with regular improvements within the user-interface, the site attains the ability to retain its viewers which is nothing but great for any business. And with constant updating of the website content, the site becomes much more detectable for the search engines as well.  So amongst the innumerable functionality of a dynamic website, it has all the potential to exalt the growth of your business as well. Well, that’s it for now, for more details, stay tuned and look out for this space whilst we work hard to list in some more beneficial info here.

Font ColorsWell, why do we look into websites? It’s just that, we type in our query within the search bar of a search engine and we are rendered with a few thousand search results. Now these results are nothing but web pages. We select a particular web page and our eyes surf over the screen so as to extract the relevant info we want.

Now in this mundane process, why would you want to change the color and font of your website’s content? Well for us, we think that the only reason for these alterations is associated with the appearance of the website. So what, you change the appearance of of your site and now you have colors that are easy on eyes and nicely shaped words to read out the content.

Is this bad or useless? Well let’s see. Now you have a site that has a better user-interface wherein the visitor wants to stay for long and surf more. You have a website wherein the words are easily readable and because of the font work; you’d read the imperative info in bolds. So this somewhat implies, that a visitor would love to read more information on your site.

For instance, have you ever stumbled onto an online casino site? Try and notice the colors and the fonts. These are two major things that determine whether the user will stay on the site or not. So to narrow it down, we can safely assume that the appearance of any site is quintessential for its users.

Correct us if we’re wrong. But isn’t this what every site owner wants? More views and a superb surfing experience for the visitor. Well, we have some interesting topics lined out for the same. Keep in touch.

The new generation is crazy about trendy and handy gadgets in the market. These gadgets are the symbol of status and as well as providing total support for the individual in every possible way. In this era there is no such individual who does not own any type of phone or tablet, this has become essential part of life like any other basic amenities. Tablets being a very stylish gadget hold many features for better and attractive handling. Basically tabs are touch screen handheld computer, capable of performing numerous tasks at incredibly high speed. Tablet apps and website development are now such a market that has the maximum number of buyers and as well as developers.

CWS Technology
CWS Technology

People keep on changing phones and tab frequently to enjoy new apps and features. Tablet apps and website development is a term for which everyone is crazy about. A tablet possesses many types of apps and web tools for better surfing downloading and interaction. Now a day’s some apps of tablets are so real and good that it can make the owner feel lucky to have one. Holding a tab with latest technology and apps is like owning world as these apps in tab provide a whole new world of possibility like it helps individual to locate himself on a city map and can help ease in finding any place to visit, not only this but any individual can easily go for a video chat with any person in any part of the world making this world so very small. The weather app on the tablet now provides the weather forecast till 7 days. This makes a person more prepared for what may come. This type of app in large and accurate scale can thus provide coverage for a large population. Like this several note down tools which are directly synced with our emails help us to keep a record of our works and they can well serve as a reminder pad.

Apart from common apps and tool the market of tablet apps and website development also provide some tools and apps which are very fascinating and equally demanding like HTML tools, domain tools etc. right now for the development of the app market a huge amount of researches is going on. Innovations are being carried out to make a person’s life easier.  By holding a tab, any individual can easily manage his day’s activity, manage emails, go for online dating, watch movies, and watch the growth of business, to prepare a new marketing strategy and much more. These attractive and fully loaded tabs have become like a part of the human body which is not easy to separate.