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The last two years have carved out the pathway for new trends in technology and e-commerce. As physical touch became forbidden, many brands shifted their services on the evolving platform of the internet, creating a new market for themselves. If the popularity of android mobile application development is anything to go by, the future belongs to the theme. Millions of users use android as their prime device today and millions of brands are using this platform to increase the reach of their brand. Android app development is a hot topic for technology because of its easy-to-develop, responsive and engaging interface, enhanced security, versatility, scalability, and multitude of custom features. Behind every successful business, today is an app, running as efficiently as a physical store. Employing a team of adept and proficient android developers will provide the upper hand in your business needs in the cutthroat market.

Build Your Application With The Best Developers

CWS, a mobile app development company in Dubai, specialises in creating scalable, robust, creative, and secure applications. The team provided the best android development services to clients creating marvellous projects in minimal time frame and cost. The developers have more than a decade of experience and have already created hundreds of successful projects. CWS Technology believes in 100% customer satisfaction and is fully determined to achieve its goal. Choosing a good android development company is as vital as creating the product. With CWS Technology you can rely on the best services. 

How are Android Applications Built?

Our android development services ensure the employment of the latest and trending tech tools to create an app tailored to the custom needs of your brand.  Eclipse is a highly favored tool, widely used for developing applications. The most common languages used for development are Java, C++, and XML. Our team is skilled in all mentioned names and more. Along with the best UI/UX designing we also use modern technologies like Android SDKAndroid Native Development Kit, and Android DT. All our apps are made launch-ready by going through various stages of testing and upgrades. There are many app development companies in Dubai, but no one does it better than us!

How Does CWS Build Your Application?

Our process is simple and focused on the needs of customers. The customer is allowed creative freedom and a product implementing the client’s vision is created. First, rounds of discussion and exploration are held, to create an overview of application custom features and expectations. After creating a time outline from the customer, our team sets on designing an interactive and attractive app interface. When designing is completed up to the satisfaction of the customer, developers start working on a framework supporting the backend of the application. Security is the utmost priority. Our team is adept at creating a secure, smooth running, and error-free android application. 

What Technical Support Does CWS Provide?

CWS can be contacted anytime for technical support and will be more than happy to assist. The application developed is subjected to various rounds of testing, debugging, and test running in various environments. The product is delivered, ready to launch in the market, and your business is ready to flourish. The security of the framework is tested at various steps and a loophole-free application is finalised. Our team continues to maintain the application and assist in run-in issues even after the launch of the application. If you already have an application for your brand, even then CWS can do a lot for you. Upgrade your already existing features and security with the latest technology and make your application better for users. CWS has been titled the best android development company in Dubai by its content customers. 

At minimalist cost, CWS provides top in stores and features rich android development services

What Can CWS Build For You?

An application is becoming a must for every industry. Travelling, dining, networking, information transfer, writing, education, and gaming, every businessman can benefit from android applications. CWS’s android app developers in Dubai are talented and will incorporate the latest market trends to create an app that will top the charts of the play store. CWS Technology has entertained enterprises globally, delivering proven and result-gaining growth strategies. Yours can be the next!

  • Custom Android Apps Development
  • Android Web-based Applications
  • Android M-Commerce Applications
  • Android Multimedia Applications
  • Android Utility Apps
  • Android Testing/Portability
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Android App Upgrade
  • Android Support and Maintenance


Should I build an application for my business?

Analysing the popularity of android applications, Android applications are a guarantee of success. With these applications, brands can open new markets and access customers globally. If you are looking to upturn your revenue numbers, hiring an android app developer in Dubai is a great investment. 

Can you build an android app even for small businesses?

Whether you are a startup or a home seller or a heavy traffic MNC, CWS provides mobile app development services for everyone. Every industry can benefit from these applications and significantly increase its growth rate.

What should my application look like?

An android mobile application firstmost should be easy to navigate, accessible and have features customised to your business. It should have a strong and secure framework for interactions and transactions. 

Who should I hire for android development?

Having a time following and cost sensitive team with impeccable knowledge and experience in the field gets half the work already done. One should hire a team with recommendable reviews and technical support. CWS is a great option for all these qualities.

Should only e-commerce companies build an app?

An app can contain a variety of features with something as minimal as record of device to something large like online shopping and selling. Be it networking or simple reservation, an application can benefit any industry.


An app can contain a variety of features with something as minimal as record of device to something large like online shopping and selling. Be it networking or simple reservation, an application can benefit any industry.

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