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The global mobile app market size which  was valued at USD 154.05 billion in 2019, is now expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027, as per a recent research. Mobile Gaming Applications, Mobile Health and Fitness Apps, Networking Apps, Retail and E-commerce Apps, Music and Entertainment Apps, and other mobile apps are included in the scope of study for this particular research. This ultimately shows how mobile applications have become an essential part of one’s routine and are important to meet the majority of human needs.

End number of companies claim to be developing high-quality mobile and web applications for meeting a variety of needs. Still the ones offering market-oriented, high-quality, reliable, and scalable app products actually succeed. CWS Technology is among powerful IT service providers in India and are sincere contributors to the app development industry with their valued services and exceptional expertise.

CWS Technology Pvt Ltd is an India-based IT service provider established in 2010. The company offers a wide range of web, mobile and software development solutions to its clients across the globe. The company is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and is ranked as a Top 25 Web and Mobile App Development Company by Silicon India. The excellent team of over 50+ engineers has accomplished more than 2110+ projects for their global clientele accounting for 37,000+ hours of job success rate.


CWS Technology is gradually gaining a competitive edge in the market by supersizing custom app and web development solutions, application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration, offshore software development, and many more outstanding services. As a reliable development and design company, CWS Technology heeds your business idea and gets the desired results without any delay keeping subtle details of your requirements.

A group of diversified people utilize the best development strategies and involve exemplary operational models in every project that are compatible, accessible, and inherent at every stage of development. Coding and development experts give a realistic structure to the desired application and keep the clients updated about the project’s progress.

With more than 890+ satisfied customers worldwide, CWS Technology treats each of its customers uniquely and distinctly. Customized apps are developed in the company utilizing CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel, Symphony, and many other advanced technologies. Mere focus is given on developing compatible, user-friendly, and accessible mobile applications for iOS, Android and other cross-platform apps. Exceptional E-commerce Development, CMS Development, and Full-Stack Javascript Development Solutions are provided with dedicated resource viewing.

The company is soon to rank as a top mobile app development company in India in the GoodFirms ranking list, where GoodFirms – the leading review and rating platform appreciates as well as recognizes the efforts of the company towards obtaining their client’s belief and trust.

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Working as a Content Writer at GoodFirms, Anna Stark bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s dominant role lingers to form every company’s achievement and critical attributes into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and equips new approaches that work, always with concepts, something new to create, and something unique to enhance the firm’s identity.


CWS Technology is a leading web development company with over 11 years of experience in the IT industry. The company was founded in 2009 and is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and excels in customized web application development, mobile application development, consulting, and staff augmentation. The team has developed various products using cutting-edge technology and continuously improves to provide a great experience to their clients. CWS Offers a wide range of web, mobile, ecommerce & RIA – Rich Internet Application Development Services development solutions. The experts in the organization possess practical  communication skills, help understand the client’s business requirements and focus on increasing efficiency and productivity.

With a team of 50+ engineers, over 350+ projects, and 37,000+ hours & a job success rate of 90+ on the upwork platform the company is a leading IT solution provider in India & abroad , and is armed with more than 50 talented professionals from engineering, technical and management backgrounds dedicated to increasing their knowledge with proper research and refined development to ensure seamless delivery.
The company’s beliefs are:
• Excellency
• Integrity
• Consistency
• Effective communication
Young entrepreneurs fuel CWS Technology. The above beliefs help CWS create scalable business solutions that provide measurable results to clients. The company now holds 100+ programmers, designers, and analysts working full-time under one roof starting from a small team.

Since its inception, the company is known for providing IT solutions and has offered clientele custom app and web development services, application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration, offshore software development, and much more.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Amit Shukla, the CEO of CWS Technology, who shares the company’s insights.

Amit begins the interview by sharing his responsibilities at CWS as a founder and CEO, focusing on the growth of the company and developing strategies for the firm’s improvement, planning the project, and ensuring that the company utilizes the latest technology to provide better services to clients.
Amit worked as a freelance developer for US companies while pursuing his engineering degree and received excellent results. It helped him convert the dream of creating an IT solutions company into reality with one of his friends. by starting his company from a small office space; that’s how CWS Technology was founded. Amit also added that CWS is an organization that focuses more on transparent communication with clients to keep them in the loop for all operation processes, making it easy for them to build trust.
Furthermore, Shukla shared his company’s business model: an in-house team that hires skilled and talented professionals & retains them, resulting in excellent development quality.
Amit mentions that CWS Technology is ISO 9001:2015 certified. The company offers numerous benefits in software development, including IT consulting, application development services, systems integration, product engineering, customized software development, testing and validation services, Search Engine Optimization, and business process outsourcing.
During the pandemic, every organization has seen a massive surge of demand from businesses that ultimately want to go online. At CWS, most clients approach moving their business online, and the expert team helps them with ideas and the complete development process. Shukla also shares that it was challenging for the team, yet they have succeeded in providing satisfaction to clients.

Shukla is proud to say that his team earned a more than 95% customer satisfaction rate. On the Upwork platform, the job success rate is 100%, and they have done a business of over a million dollars on this platform. The CWS team loves to ask questions that help them know the client and their needs before beginning any project.
The support system offered by CWS is quite impressive, where clients can interact with the team and post their queries 24×7. The customer support team tries to resolve any issue within 24 hours.
During the discussion about the company’s payment structure, Amit mentioned that the CWS pricing model is the most reasonable today. Comparing it with its competitors it is the most flexible payment structure you can imagine! And often, many organizations prefer pay-per-hour and pay-per-feature.
Shukla also talked about the minimum budget they have worked for was $5k, and the maximum was $80K in the year 2021; and helped many startups bring their idea into the market, making them highly flexible with the budget.
When the GoodFirms team asked about CWS’s vision, Shukla stated, “Our vision is to gain global leadership in the software development industry by providing values to businesses with qualitative IT solutions and a commitment to long-term client relationships.” The company is poised to become one of India’s top web development companies at GoodFirms.


In conclusion, Shukla declares that the company’s purpose is to be better than it was yesterday, which holds them on track. The services of the company are of the highest quality. Similarly, he believes in offering clients the most engaging onboarding experience possible. From the beginning, he makes sure that the experience with CWS Technology is satisfying and stress-free.
After reading the excerpt about the importance of quality web development service and how swiftly Shukla worked and responded during the crisis, one may read the whole interview at Goodfirms.

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Working as a Content Writer at GoodFirms, Anna Stark bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s dominant role is to figure out company achievements and critical attributes and put them into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and leverages new approaches that work, including new concepts that enhance the firm’s identity.

Providing clients with custom app and web development services, application management outsourcing, and much more will soon pegg CWS Technology amongst the best web development service providers.

View the CWS Technology’s GoodFirms profile to know more about its excellent web development and designing services.

Taking pride in building strategic long-term clientele relationships, CWS Technology was incepted in 2009 in Noida, UP. The company caters to the clients with the services of technology-enabled business solutions in different geographies. The vision of the company is to obtain leadership in global IT services by providing value-added and high-quality IT solutions to the clients of selected verticals. CWS Technology also merges technology skills, domain expertise, process focus, and a commitment to long-term clientele relationships to obtain fruitful results. Incepted in one single room, the company is now consisting of more than 100 employees inclusive of designers, programmers, and analyst working full time under one roof. Backed by such an efficient team, CWS Technology has launched more than 2000 projects successfully and has satisfied 800+ global clients. At CWS Technology, web developers follow a standardized process inclusive of consultation, designing, coding & development.

The team produces business applications with an emphasis on providing customized solutions satisfying the requirements of the clients. With the new era, the experienced team at CWS technology Caters to the clients with the website and other web application with highly scalable designs and usability to upgrade the clientele experience. Moreover, the web development team also offers distinctive features like improvised service application, interactive web applications, custom application development, and other services that exceed clients expectations and which are served on a national and international level. Thus, growing, learning, and sharing continues of the expert web developers at CWS technology will soon endow them to tap in the list of the top web developers in India at GoodFirms.

The following review is the evidence of the quality web services provided by the web developers at CWS Technology.

GoodFirms Research on CWS Technology

GoodFirms is an online review and assessment platform that values different service-offerings by the B2B enterprises listed with it by judging their complete performance based on three criteria– Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Likewise, the researchers at GoodFirms also appraised CWS Technology and asserted that it would soon tap in the list of the leading businesses as a top web development company in India at GoodFirms.

The inspection process in which CWS is also soon expected to be ranked among the best web designers is managed by GoodFirms, which provides a classified list of the organizations providing these services. Besides these significant criteria, other factors have also been assessed like the quality of services the firm offers, the performance display by the developers in the organization, their expert skillset, client reports, and such other stipulations.

This list scouted by GoodFirms giving the top service providers encourages the purchasers to find corporations based on their wants and thus connects the gap between the service providers and the service seekers. The in-house expert team of designers is always handy to help the clients in developing the models from scratch and turning them into reality. Having an assumption that design is the first impression that the user takes away, the team at CWS Technology focuses on it more. Forte of the designers’ team is in custom design, responsive web designs, website re-design, mobile website design, and a few others. Furthermore, the team works closely with the business people to work and focus more on minute detailing of the web designs like – navigation, multimedia availability, compatibility, scalability, etc. Hence, following a standardized process to cater to the clients with the eye-catchy designs and having so many things on the plate to offer, it is believed by the GoodFirms researchers that CWS Technology will soon thrive among the best web designers in India at GoodFirms.

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Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews company that helps in finding web development, and web designing services companies rendering best assistance to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

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Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers her to shape every company’s performance and critical attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.

Before getting deep into the blog, let’s understand firstly the meaning of e-commerce. E-commerce is also known as Electronic Commerce in a layman’s language and it is the procedure of buying and selling else one can also say the trading of products online or through the internet.

Generally, e-commerce business runs through registering a suitable name of the business and making a website for the same and it runs on the various technologies i.e. mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management systems, and data collection systems.

If any of the organization or individual is planning to start their e-commerce business, then let us inform you that there is much best e-commerce website development company in USA who will provide you with a wide variety of ideas as per your budget. And nowadays e-commerce business has put positive as well as negative impact on people as it is much for the traders to reach people from all over the world in fewer expenses as compared to traditional method.

As well as an individual who wants to list their products on the e-commerce websites can do it without having a shop i.e. they can store their stock at their home or any warehouse and deliver the products online as per the customer’s requirements. While on the other hand companies who are well established in the market are finding difficulty in their sales as there are many competitors are entering in the market for the same products and making new and improved selling strategies. So, go over the internet and enter the phrase e-commerce website development company in USA for developing your e-commerce website.

Some of the examples of big companies who have entered the e-commerce market and raise the standards of the business and those companies are – Amazon, Flipkart, Blockbuster etc. And the negative impact that e-commerce business put on society is that there are many companies who are frauds as they sell anything in the name of particular quality and the product.

So, interested ones can go through the internet and search best ecommerce website development company in USA for starting their business and earn profits.

Before knowing the best iOS App Development Company in USA, one should know exactly about the iPhone Application Development as this is the important topic irrespective of this topic. And when it comes to iPhone, IOS is the biggest and only platform which has provided a new clarity of technology across the world.

Now in this paragraph let us inform you about Application Development, this is the series of techniques and operation which is used to write tradition software for iPhone. The main reason for application development is taking a hike over certain features which some mobile companies offer. As well as we can also say that web application and IOS application are the same but it is designed for iPhone.

If anyone is looking for best iPhone App Development Company in USA, then they should keep in mind that the company which is developing iPhone application should take their job seriously as well as also follow the well-hosted development process which makes every application on time delivery at affordable cost. And another factor that an individual keeps in mind that application developer should expertise in: –

  • Professionals should expertise in Custom iPhone Applications Development.
  • Professionals should expertise in iPhone Web-based Applications.
  • Professionals should expertise in iPhone M-Commerce Applications.
  • Professionals should expertise in Multimedia Application.
  • Professionals should expertise in iPhone utility Apps.
  • Professionals should expertise in iPhone Testing and Portability.
  • Professionals should expertise in iPhone UI/UX Design.
  • Professionals should expertise in iPhone App Upgrade.
  • At last Professionals should also expertise in iPhone support and maintenance.

And in the last before choosing the company, an individual also looks at the prices they are offering, proven technology they are offering, they should focus on the error-free as well as high in quality iPhone applications within the designated time frame with quality standard and in the last they should provide 24/7 customer technical support along with 100% customer satisfaction.

The answer of the question “How to choose iPhone App Development company in USA” is an interested individual or organization can go through the internet and browse by mentioning the best company in the USA developing the iPhone App.

How to explore the best Web development Company?

Web designing and development is something that the businesses cannot ignore when it comes to the enhancement of their online presence in the market. No matter whether the company has established its foot in the web world or has a start-up business, the website development is required to keep the brand image of the company alive in the web world. For this, you can hire the best web development company in USA, India and other regions across the globe and let the developers handle the work of your website right from the designing and creating layouts to the development. 

Following are some of the important steps that you should adopt while exploring the most efficient web development company:

  • The reputation of the particular web development unit should be high in the global market.
    This can be checked online by reading the genuine feedback of the company and the past
    track record of providing the best web development services. Moreover, the client base of
    the web development companies should be huge.
  • The internet is the best source to get information about the most competent and top web
    Development Company in USA, India and other countries. For this, you need to make a
    thorough research online and find out the list of some well-acclaimed web development
    units in the world.
  • The contact details of the company are also mentioned on its web portal. You can simply get
    in touch with the management and inquire about the status of the company, team, kind of
    assistance it offers and the rates of the web development services.

It looks simple to search for the best web development company that carries the well-experienced
team of experts and provides world-class services but when you actually need it, you will definitely
find complications in it. Hence, it is always better to take the second opinion before handing over
the work of designing and developing your website to any unit or company. No other source is more
reliable than the internet provided you explore the same on genuine sites.

Secret to Success

Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, success is measured differently by people. It’s your responsibility and your choice to determine what success means to you. It could be having a strong influence, authority, having a huge paycheck, seven-figure salary, fame, higher status in the society etc. all these labels somehow seems to define the definition of success.

We have seen how some successful people accumulated money just because they had an interesting idea and the courage to take the unexplored path. We have read about people who merely become renowned individuals and crafted a persona of their own, leaving only footprints to follow. Speaking of people, it would be unjust to not mention few of them – Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Holmes, J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford, Larry Page, Thomas Edison and much more. The list can go on as there are lots of people that have made big. People from different walks of life have been successful irrespective of any mutual connection but what binds them together is having some common traits, the same mindsets that led them to where they are today.

As far as highly successful people are concerned, these are some common mindsets that they share.

They Establish The Big WHY

What differentiates highly successful people from the rest is the ability to establishing the big WHY. They always have the tendency to know what’s in there for them to learn and what’s the end goal. They are constantly evolving and always hungry to learn something new and implementing it. Highly successful people think about challenges and utilize them in a way that will bring a sense of achievement and how to improve the community as a whole.

They have the vision and the purpose of achieving it. Never allowing their passion to fade away instead, keeping the fire ignited, they nourish and hone their skills and thinks of the perspective to change the society even if that means questioning the norms.

Staying focused on the bigger picture

Everyone started their journey with a vision and so do other people but the other less successful people never make up to their destination. Reason being – either they gave up to their failures or became too busy with trivial issues or short-term success. On the other hand, irrespective of what life throws at them, successful people keep on walking and don’t stop till they get where they want to.

Henry Ford was considered lunatic and that soon he would go out of business. He neither invented the automobile nor the assembly line but developed the first automobile. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and automobile industry. So keep your eye on the prize, all the time and that’s how you can become highly successful and admired.

They allowed their sufferings their motivation

It’s difficult to cope up with sadness as it makes up our core memories. But keeping a positive mindset in situations like these determine what you’re really made of and what you can achieve.

At the age of 15, Jim Carrey had to drop out of school to support his family but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion and today, he is one of the best comedians to ever walk on earth.

Elizabeth is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. She invented a device that is capable of monitoring one’s disease before it fully develops and her product can save lives. But, it was the death of her uncle that motivated her to help humanity regardless of how much money she would accumulate and the rest is history.

They never lose hope, instead, keep working harder

Successful people don’t become successful fortnight. It takes years of practice and experience to get what they demand. People keep on complaining and whining about what they don’t have and these successful people start right where they are with whatever tools they have and collect more resources as they progress.

I’d like to quote Bruce Lee here. He once said “ Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure it” and that’s what the successful live their lives by. Day in and day out they keep pushing their limits work hard with great zeal and always manage to find their way out in whatever difficult situation they are thrown upon.

Thomas Edison didn’t lose hope and despite the fact that he failed 1000 times before inventing the electric bulb, he didn’t give up.

Steve Jobs was fired by the company he helped found.

Arianna Huffington was rejected multiple times and as of today, her news website and blogs are among the most well-known and frequently visited on the internet.

Develop a constructing mindset and overcome the fear of failure and you’d be on the other side of the fence. The greatest mindset is that they never fear to failing. Embrace it as there is no reason you should fear it.
Learn from your failures and improve from it that’s what successful people do. View failure and difficult times as opportunities to grow rather than fearing them.

Sundar Pichai

This man needs no introduction as we already know he is the CEO of one of the most notable companies. That’s Sundar Pichai for you. Google is the best company to work for and it’s a dream of everyone to have the tag of Google on our resume.

We have seen people in top positions leading them to success in their respective domain, Sundar Pichai’s case is not an exceptional one. Being at the top of the pyramid of a multinational technology company is definitely a story worth going through. With a revenue of 74.54 billion USD, Google is in the race of taking the history-making title of being the first trillion-dollar company. Well, irrespective of which company crosses the line first, there’s something we can learn from the Google honcho’s life.

People often ask how they can be as successful as these icons. With that being said, here are some pointers that we can take from Sundar Pichai.

Let’s get started.


People have a common notion that people at the peak of their career take pride into their head but, Sundar Pichai is an exception here. Dieter Bohn at The Verge noted that his simplicity is reflected in his demeanor, highlighting the point that everyone at Google just loves him. From engaging with people on a personal note from going out of the way to supporting them, his colleagues and teammates just love working with Pichai.

We can also have a look at the news of a 7-year old asking Sundar Pichai for a job at Google and instead of just ignoring it, the letter caught the immediate attention of Sundar Pichai and he replied with an encouraging note. Isn’t it amazing that such a busy person took his time out to respond to a little girl?


Sundar Pichai believes in smart working and being focused on your goals. Perseverance is what took him where he is today. To reached the top of the pyramid you have to work really hard and have to be persistent in all your approaches.

There is no secret formula for success, only sheer hard work will take you there where you want to get. Sundar graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 1994 and joined Google in 2004. The catch is there’s nothing that can make you taste success overnight. In between these long 10 years, he took on some most challenging roles and made sure he delivered spot on and was persistent throughout these years and let his work speaks volumes of him.

Even if you fail, wear it like a badge of honor

That’s what he said while addressing the audience at Delhi university. Pichai is all about taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them. This is the digital age and one has endless possibilities and countless opportunities to start one’s own entrepreneurial venture. But, what people fail to realize that failures are an integral part of your success. If you have not failed, then it means you haven’t taken risks. He stated ‘’ One shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks. Even failure is a part of the process, it takes you forward”.

Sundar Pichai

Clarity Of  Thoughts

Being a prominent search engine, it doesn’t mean that Google has no competition in the market. To be the best you have to go extra than the rest. When Microsoft made Bing its default search, Pichai stepped in with innovative approaches to retain customers and worked on Google’s own browser i.e Chrome and cemented its position in the search market share as well in the browser game.

Still, if you doubt his credibility, then here are excerpts from the memo of Larry Page, obtained by The Wall Street Journal and it goes like this “As you age, even when you’re still a teenager like Google, you have to work hard to stay innovative. Innovation is messy, a disruptive process, and people tend to be more comfortable doing what they’ve always done with a few minor tweaks” and that explains why Page handed over the control to Pichai.

Thinking Big

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Pichai emphasis on thinking big about big problems and one should be ambitious in tackling every problem and that is what would lead you to global companies. One should be focused and incorporate fast decision making approaches.

Sundar Pichai exemplifies that if a person is focused on one’s goal, then there is nothing that can stop the person from achieving all the goals. He is an inspiration for young generation trying to find the right path to success. He inspires us all and following his footsteps would definitely catapult our careers.

e-commerce development services

May the force be with you but what is the force you ask!! Actually, Technology has been a remarkable force in our lives and continues to affect it to a great extent. Ever since coming into the picture, technology has not been only contributing to our lives but changing the way we live.

Over they years, Technology has created countless opportunities with endless resources which have practically changed the way things are rolled.

From auto-corrects to checking body pain, and from navigating through streets to tracing our directions, technology has been there helping out every time we end up in a maze. And that’s not all folks!!!! Owing to Technology, we have witnessed so many rags-to-riches stories. BTW how can we not mention all the social entrepreneurs out there. They are all entrepreneurs because of the Technology.

How does technology affect society

We’ve gone from Betamax to VHS to DVD to Blu-ray and now to VR. Technology is evolving at a faster rate and it’s imperative to catch up with technology, as the moment we wink there is another technological advancement.

Technology has simplified our lives in several ways including providing on-the-go services, easy access to information, internet of things, improved entertainment services, advanced communication tools and has always encouraged creativity, talent and innovations enhancing productivity and efficiency. Moreover, social networking applications have only confirmed in the affirmation of the importance of technology. Such platforms allow for smoother organization communication as people communicate instantly and at a relatively short duration.

Technology has led to the creation of jobs and has bridged the gap between the job seekers and interviewers, it has enhanced communication so that people can connect digitally with the world through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google etc. IoT has greatly affected architectural technology with automated features. Online banking and learning process has been expanded to a great extent with immediate and efficient results.

Let’s explore the areas where technology is changing the way we live:

Mode Of Communication

For the last decade or so, technology has transformed the way we communicate especially after the inception of the internet. For many years, communication was done merely through postcards, telegrams, handwritten notes etc. Although we had telephones in between with the disadvantage of talking to one person at a time and top of it all, there were no answering machines no caller ID to screen calls. In fact, you might have observed telephone booths and pay phones but then they are now a thing of past.

And then the internet came and changed everything emails, there were instant messenger portals like Meebo, AOL instant messenger but we have WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and the icing on the cake is emojis, gifs, memes. Internet protocol (VoIP), Skype have only added to its advantage.


People born before the 90s know what the word entertainment means. Things they would do simply pass the time like knitting (though people still do), they had Nintendo 64 console gaming, diary entry, watching televisions etc. There were no digital television, no live streaming, no PlayStation. But thanks to technology, as it has provided us with even more creative ideas to occupy our time. We can play video games, make strategies, net surfing, e-learning, Netflix, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, FPS games etc.

Also, we can now pause, rewind, fast-forward videos, then there are IoT, Apple TV and media extender that lets us play digital content onto our TVs from our computers.

Before Google It Was Nothing

You want to access information just type in the search box of Google and you will be amazed by the availability of options. But there was a time before the internet became ubiquitous and in that case, public libraries were the most feasible option. People used AOL, Netscape or Hotmail for emails and the most common way of advertising was distributing pamphlets, brochures etc.

But the scenario is different now. You want to know anything about anything, Google is there. Be it understanding a complex topic to how to tie shoelaces. In short, the common phrase is “Let me Google that for you”.

Virtual Reality

Content consumption through VR is on the rise and keeping this in mind, people are developing games and movies and are enhancing the user experience by simulating the three-dimensional environment.

As of 2015, 200,000 developers have registered to develop games for Oculus Rift. Moreover, According to data from Statista, the VR hardware marketing would be worth $5.2 by 2020. VR systems are used for transmitting vibrations and sensors to the end users and are used in video games, many military training applications and also refers to remote communication environments that provide a virtual experience through the use of a virtual artifact (VA).

Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy a lifelike experience that’s just a replica of reality!!!

Big Data

First, we used floppy disks then CD/DVD then pen-drives then hard-disks and now we have online storage portals like Dropbox. Initially, the data were stored in chunks and pieces and would hardly ever cross or even touch the GB limit but now, we have smartphones that have internal memory storage of 128 GB. Google has a storage capacity of 15 exabytes(1 exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes). There is an estimate that the information available on the internet is about 1.2 million terabytes(1TB = 1000 GB).

Big data is making an impact and is buzzing all over. We live in a digital age, therefore, witness data rush in real-time. But the question is who are the people benefiting from this information? How is this information useful? Industries like the banking sector, IT, Marketing, insurance etc. are in the need of big data.

Big data analytics is the process of examining large chunks of information to study particular and hidden patterns, consumer behavior and preferences, market trends to get a crystal clear picture of the current scenario.

Now we use the advanced technology in the most sophisticated ways.

Successful entrepreneur

           “ The Difference Between Ordinary And Extraordinary Is That Little Extra” – Jimmy Johnson

Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success and is an integral part of all the successful entrepreneurs out there. Failure is a part of the business and you’d hardly find any entrepreneur make it big without experiencing massive failure(S). 

Successful entrepreneurs paths have been anything but smooth and easy. Moreover, they have seen failures every now and then but what makes them stand apart from the rest is sheer perseverance, persistence and the ability to get back up every time life knocks them down. While the rest endlessly seek alternatives and look for magic wands and shortcuts to success only to waste time to search for something that doesn’t exist. And the remaining ones just give into failures when it’s staring them right in the face and just go singing the chorus that they tried and that they did their best but it was luck who was not in their favour blah..blah..blah. What they lack is the courage to start over again and again.

From Failure To Success :

Successful people have failed more than anyone else and that’s what defines them i.e. never to die attitude.
The simple logic is that you fall you get back, up you fall you get back up. It’s just a simple reaction and the pertinent action to get up every time you fall.

Here’s some motivation for you. As an inventor, Edison failed 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb. Just think if he had given up merely after a few failures, then it might have taken another few years for us to enjoy the electricity bulbs or may be not. Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he succeeded and now, as of today, everyone knows Ford’s valuation and of course, its super cars.

What most people fail to understand is that failure is nothing but only a setback and what really matters is how you react to them. The best way to moving forward is learning from the failures and to start again. Everyone encounters failures at one point or another but those who make mistakes and repeatedly learn from them are the ones that find themselves on the other side of life.

Learning From Mistakes :

Learning is a continuous, lifelong process. If you have experienced failures as an entrepreneur, then the best course of action is to embrace and learn from them. Sure, it’s one helluva hard work, but that just comes with the territory.

Let’s use some mathematics here, don’t worry we will not talk of Integration or Differentiation. Well, on a serious note you must be familiar with the Fibonacci series. It’s one of the famous mathematical sequence following a certain pattern that each number is the summation of the two preceding numbers. The series goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 and so on. The assumption is based on things happened in the past and catalyst the happenings of future.

On closely looking at the Successful entrepreneur’s journey, we can conclude that it is somewhat based on Fibonacci series. Each time they fail, they look at the past results, understand and learn from it and simply move on. They just don’t let failure compound or hinder their growth, instead make it a stepping stone.

Success Does Not Follow A Time Clock :

The right time to start is whenever you’re ready. There is no perfect time or perfect moment to start anything and this is your time. Success is not time constraint instead it’s an ongoing process. The world is full of infinite opportunities, therefore, don’t let yourself limit to only certain possibilities. Don’t wait for the perfect time to start something you like to do and don’t just waste your options. Start with whatever resources you have, start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along. That’s how successful entrepreneurs always start.

  • Arianna Huffington got rejected by 36 publishers.
  • Bill Gates first company was a complete disaster.
  • Walt Disney was told that he lacked creativity.
  • Steve Jobs was booted from his own company.
  • Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he succeeded.
  • Chris Gardner is an established entrepreneur but prior to that, he used to live on the street. (The Pursuit Of Happyness fame)
  • Jeff Bezos had several failed ideas.

The list has many prominent people from all walks of life but the point is that all the successful entrepreneurs exhibit one common characteristic i.e. they said no to giving up, instead learned from their mistakes and are now a source of inspiration to the world.

There’s just one catch. You have got to start sooner and not later. Just work towards success regardless of countless failures and setbacks and accepting them with never giving up attitude.