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RIA development embraces the best analytics, design, development and delivery practices in Dubai.

The evolution of Web Applications

The world of the internet has belonged to web applications for decades. Be it word processing, editing, designing, or file formatting, all our examples of efficient renowned web applications surround us. The internet is the future economy and credibility and visibility components of a successful brand. Web applications have helped brands expand their target audience and reach globally, overturning those revenue numbers. With multiple features and accessibility, integrated database, and content management, Web applications are saving sellers effort and cost. There is never a better time to develop an application. With the evolution of technology, expectations and functions of designing have changed as well. Traditional static web pages are being transformed into dynamic, responsive, and user-focused websites. RIA, expanded as a rich internet application, is coded to deliver the same performance as desktop applications along with striking features of Web 2.0. RIA development is the future of eCommerce and rich internet applications development services have the upper edge in cut-throat competition. 

Upgrade Web Applications with RIA

RIA software development integrates desktop applications with the web increasing functionality and productivity. RIAs split the work into two halves, location of user interface and activity on the internet while keeping data operation and calculations for the client side. It runs essentially on the browser and works without manual software installation on the client side.  Due to its two-sided approach, RIAs perform better in speed and handling traffic. RIA development services offer more engagement and flexibility than traditional HTML and HTTP web applications, simplifying management and interaction with businesses. RIA enhances user activity and doesn’t limit accessibility to a few components of applications. With features such as real-time streaming and high-performance client-side virtual machines, RIA reduces upgradation time by significant numbers. This later results in improved quality of feedback and captivating interfaces across multiple platforms. AJAX, Adobe Flash, Flex, and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), Microsoft Silverlight, Curl are some prominent tech tools used by developers.  Like any other desktop application, RIA can operate offline without loss of any data, increasing performance by ten folds. The future will be run by rich internet application development, the sooner one gets aboard, the better it gets. 

Build custom, features to enrich applications with CWS

CWS, a software company in Dubai excels in creating innovative, robust, and scalable applications. As an RIA development company in Dubai, CWS employs a skilled set of professional developers with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and designing tools to create a competitive and efficient app for your brand. CWS provides the best web development services in Dubai and has firsthand experience in managing a brand on the internet. Creating customizable applications and portals is the expertise of CWS. For over a decade, CWS has built successful and above mark websites for growing businesses. Providing various debugging tools, top-in-market designing features, and a secure backend, CWS has expert developers who can help your brand reach new heights!

Who do we build for?

Be it in the navigation industry or catering, home sellers, or small-scale businesses. Education or gaming, online teaching or networking, CWS Technology can build innovative and inventive websites for every domain. Each business today needs a competent website and at CWS we aime 100% customer satisfaction. 

  • Business directory updating/development
  • Community website development/maintenance
  • Social networking website development
  • Hotels and restaurants’ website
  • RIA custom website development
  • RIA  custom eCommerce applications
  • RIA custom applications developments/maintenance
  • RIA application installation


1.)Does CWS help in the maintenance of websites?

The role of CWS in the growth of business doesn’t end with the creation of products. The website is checked for various traffic environments and security tests to create an error-free launch. CWS also offers maintenance of website traffic and security updates. Our technical team will be happy to assist in any technical issue. 

2.)How can you upgrade to web 1.0?

Generally, traditional websites are collections of graphics and written information at once. With the help of modern technologies and the right team of developers, sellers can upgrade it to responsive, dynamic, and user-interaction websites, keeping the essence of the website intact. Previous websites can be upgraded with the addition of the latest features in source code. 

3.)What are the qualities of a good web application company?

A trusted web development company employs the best and most professional developers for your project, provides extensive technical support and assistance, creates a bug-free and ready-to-launch product, and maintains and upgrades the security of your website. Cws checks all the boxes and completes your project with time and cost-effectiveness. 

4.)What are the technological requirements for RIA?

One of the most appreciable features of RIA is its minimum technical configuration. It allows access to every component without desktop installation. RIA applications are multiple browsers compatible and save users’ efforts as well as costs for developers.


One of the most appreciable features of RIA is its minimum technical configuration. It allows access to every component without desktop installation. RIA applications are multiple browsers compatible and save users’ efforts as well as costs for developers.


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