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Hire the top CodeIgniter framework development company to create fully-featured and functionally-rich custom web applications. The axis of the world is shifting toward the internet and applications taking over the roles of physical interactions. To run a successful brand in this technological era, an efficient web application and a  credible internet presence are necessary. Word processors, editors, and file formats are all examples of common tools built through web applications. Easy to manage and globally accessible, web applications save time and cost for brand development. Web applications embedded with a variety of flexible features have helped many businesses create better systems and audiences. From analyzing tools to storage facilities, web applications are going to become the best salesman for a brand. While there are many platforms out there, Codeigniter is one widely used by developers. Codeigniter web development services are easy to understand and provide numerous options to users. Codeigniter development is time efficient, innovative, and creates robust applications with ease.

Build robust web applications with Codeigniter

Codeigniter is an open source and free platform, written in the coding language PHP and used for the rapid development of web applications. PHP is the core of developing web applications and Codeigniter is an extension to make development better and faster. Essentially a framework, CodePHP is not a replacement for PHP but rather a shortened version. Codeigniter developers get access to various standard libraries allowing them to avoid the repetition of code for different components.  Codeigniter integrates with MySQL for database management, analysis, and storage. Freedcamp and Buffer are two large applications with heavy traffic and a huge audience built by Codeigniter. The latest version of the framework has made bug detection and customization easier than ever. For a small footprint and high-performance framework, Codeigniter works best.  Investing in a Codeigniter development company will benefit your brand in surplus ways.

Here are some of the most prominent features of the latest framework-

  • Compatibility with PHP 4 and PHP 5
  • Fully modular codebase, built around HMVC
  • User control with only role-based access
  • Customized Administration interface
  • UI-based module builder
  • Easy programming with less restrictive coding rules
  • Easy to debug
  • Effective for cross-platform applications
  • Security and XSS filtering
  • XML-RPC library
  • Search-engine friendly URLs

Hire the best Codeigniter developers at CWS

CWS, a software company, provides the best Codeigniter development services, credit owed to a skilled set of highly proficient developers and brilliant technical assistance. As a web development company in Dubai itself, CWS has first-hand experience in creating scalable and innovative solutions for clients. For over a decade, PHP Codeigniter developers at CWS have created successful web applications globally.  CWS follows a rigorous research and analysis cycle, creating competitive products for your brand to gain an upper hand in the market. Employing the latest design and security tools, CWS creates error and bugs free products, ready to conquer the market. CWS has earned the title of best Codeigniter development organization due to its unmatched services in various horizons.  When looking for Codeigniter developers , hire from CWS without a doubt!  Be it creating search-engine friendly URLs or easy user management with access control, creative compatible versions with multiple browsers, secure and customizable applications, creating tax functional integration, having creative and administrative control, access to 24/7 technical support, CWS can do marvels for your business.  CWS does Codeigniter development with time and cost-effectiveness, bringing the vision of the client to the screen.

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Can you replace PHP with Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is written in PHP and cannot operate without its support of it. Codeigniter is a framework developed to avoid the repetition of standard code for web applications and make the development process faster. However it cannot alone be used for complete development, it would be PHP interacting with databases at the end. 

What are the advantages of Codeigniter over PHP?

With better design and security features, Codeigniter can be integrated with PHP to make code simplified and smaller. It is a framework with a small footprint and requires zero configuration for starting. Codeigniter saves the time and efforts of developers by allowing the use of standard libraries and features. For high performance and no strict coding rules restrictions, Codeigniter is popularly used by coders. 

Can anyone build web applications on Codeigniter?

Even though suggested for small and medium selling industry, with custom features and additional upgrades, even heavy traffic multinational brands can build their web applications. Existing applications can upgrade their security features and add on the latest tools to create a more efficient application. Codeigniter helps develop web2.0 applications, the latest in the tech world. 

What is MVC?

Expanded as Model View Controller, it is an essential feature of Web 2.0 applications. It allows users to have separate logical and presentation views to avoid clustering and confusion. Codeigniter is based on the MVC model and hence allows minimal scripting on websites.