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The world is changing its tradition and the last two decades have paved the way for the success of e-commerce. Online stores are a hit today and millions are preferring the comfort of a few clicks instead of buying things physically. E-commerce is a trend that will not fade with time but update with technology.  In today’s technological era, your search engine results determine your brand’s credibility. With easier customer care, secure multiple pathways of transactions, content management, and promotion system, doing business online is easier than ever.  Be it networking or advertising, each service can be found on the world web. Web technology has improvised the concepts of confidentiality and security. Today web applications come with their own set of management and organization extensions, eliminating complex coding for multiple features. One such renowned platform widely used for the development of web applications is CakePHP. A good CakePHP development company will take your business to new heights. But before you contact a CakePHP web development company, understand the benefits of the platform. 

How does CakePHP build web applications?

CakePHP is an open source and free-of-cost maintenance and development platform, written in the famous coding language PHP. Salon apps, grocery apps, and editing tools are all built by CakePHP developers.  CakePHP is the fastest web applications platform, its integration with MYSQL allowing users to store and organize databases. The popularity of CakePHP is credited to creating robust solutions with flexible features. It creates secure and searches engine-optimized apps with standard PHP templates. With additional plug-ins and thousands of templates, CakePHP is a great platform to build custom feature apps for your brand. Reduced repetition of code, easy accessibility, better standards in session handling, flexible features, and compatibility with multiple browsers are other great features for switching to CakePHP.

Develop Web Applications at CWS

When looking for CakePHP Development services in Dubai, CWS is the stop to make. With its team of skilled and over a decade of experienced developers, knowledge of the latest technologies, and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, CWS is the best CakePHP web development company in Dubai. When looking for a PHP development company in Dubai, time and cost management are two important qualities. CWS is above par all standards and will create innovative, scalable and practical solutions. Being an eCommerce development company in Dubai, CWS brings together the best of both worlds to create successful strategies for your business. CWS developers employ the best and most trendy design tools to create a responsive, dynamic, and captivating front-end. The title of best CakePHP development company in Dubai has been earned after hundreds of successful projects and thousands of satisfied customers. Integrating software engineering concepts and software design patterns, our developers use the Model-View-Controller structure, significantly reducing coding time and effort.

What can CWS build with CakePHP?

CWS Technology is a leading IT solutions and services company offering a wide array of CakePHP development solutions. Some of them are listed below-

  • CakePHP application development
  • Custom CakePHP module development
  • CakePHP web development
  • CakePHP website integration, configuration and deployment
  • Integration of latest changes in current and new websites
  • CakePHP upgrade and extension development
  • Backend support and maintence

At CWS Technology, we care about your business and so, keeping this in mind, we employ the latest technology and strategies in order to stay ahead from rest of the world.


What other technologies are used with CakePHP?

The base of web development always comes from HTML, CSS, and Java. Along with CakePHP’s various features, developers also code in HTML, Javascript, and other libraries to create feature-rich and efficient web applications. 

What are the advantages of Web Applications?

Web Applications have many advantages over traditionally installed software. They target multiple platforms and browsers with one single source code, require less maintenance and additional upgrades, secure live data for analysis and interaction, and reduce investment costs. In the competitive market, web applications give an upper hand to the product. 

Who can build apps on CakePHP?

Anyone with a product to sell or a service to provide can reap the benefits of the online customers and expand their business globally. Small startups or home sellers, small and medium businesses, and international brands with heavy traffic, all can increase their profit numbers with help of web applications. From gaming to the education industry, every brand name can build its reputation and increase visibility through web applications. Already existing online stores and applications can upgrade their security system and add new features through the latest tech tools. 

What are some examples of web applications?

We are surrounded by web applications. Online shopping stores, grocery stores, editors, compilers, word processors, graphic designing tools, video editors, audio editors, file converters, and scanners are all examples of web applications. Widely used services such as Gmail, Yahoo are also examples of web applications.


The base of web development always comes from HTML, CSS, and Java. Along with CakePHP’s various features, developers also code in HTML, Javascript, and other libraries to create feature-rich and efficient web applications. 


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