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Content Management System(CMS)

Help your business grow with our globally recognized vast range of CMS and ECM services.

CWS Technology offers a huge range of CMS and ECM services to facilitate you in organizing and customizing the website content and business data as per your requirements. Through these services, we are not only offering you a better managerial ability; but also allow you to keep a check on the cost of maintaining the whole system.

Content management system (CMS) is an application software essentially used to maintain content on websites. It offers a central interface to publish, edit and modify content on the webpage. Its’ design intents to provide you the most effective team collaboration result in an efficient sharing of information. Thus, creating a collaborative working environment (CWE) that supports at both individual and corporate level, while generating a new standard of professionalism. The content management application (CMA) assists the content manager or author to manage the creation, modification and removal of any data or content from the webpage without having the expertise in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which culminates the requirement for expensive site maintenance while empowering you to organize and update the site with all the latest information and updates. The system facilitates the user in streamlining the web publishing process through building, arranging and maintaining the content rich websites with high efficiency and also act as central repository containing movies, pictures or any other sort of data.

Enterprise content management (ECM) is an effective tool to handle information governance in the hands of the user. It is a set of well-defined processes enabling to obtain, organize, store and deliver information important to the organization. Full-functional ECM system can streamline access, remove bottlenecks and optimize the overall site security mechanisms while minimizing the overheads through identifying the duplicate content, thereby allowing the company to keep only few copies of the same content instead of owning hundreds. Our company offers solutions that can handle and resolve complex issues and better standing in the market. This also helps in managing multiple websites while meeting all the compliance and legal requirements.

CWS Technology is an expert provider of wide range of services that includes addition, deletion or editing of web pages, articles, albums, WYSIWSG editor, banner advertisement management, site usage management etc. We also serve you other aspects of content management like document content management, web content, portal content management and digital asset management the combination of which can take your business management to a completely new level.