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As the professional world shifts online, more and more brands are opting to expand their reach and target audience through the internet. Online stores are the hype of the market today and an online presence is as essential as employing the right salesman for your brand. People are opting for the comfort and accessibility of online services rather than physical purchasing. Any flourishing brand today is generating most of its revenue from online shopping and a business’s true credibility is tested by its visibility on the internet. There are many names of web development companies in Dubai working determinedly to give businesses a new path of growth. With the help of easy-to-use and rich in features technology tools, businesses are bringing high-tech fields such as artificial intelligence into their websites. Joomla is one of the renowned platforms known for numerous handy web designing features. Joomla web development services for more than a decade gave many growing businesses the upper hand in the market. Hiring a Joomla web design company will benefit your brand in multiple ways. 

Build customizable and creative websites with Joomla

Joomla development services are widely popular because of their various supporting plug-ins and open source free-of-cost development. For a definition, Joomla is an open source web development and content management platform written in the coding language PHP. Joomla has been used over the years by home sellers, small developers, and even big enterprises from various industries to develop their websites and manage content without clustering. Integrate with MySQL for database storage, Joomla is also used for data organization, storage, and analysis. Joomla web developers integrate their knowledge of designing and creating dynamic, responsive, and strong framework websites for clients. The best feature of Joomla website development is easy accessibility and user-friendly development, taking over the major portion of the technical setting. Joomla allows developers to access more than 600 plug-ins for custom features, multiple international languages, responsive templates for various environments, polls, management, and analysis tools.  CWS, a web development company in Dubai, will build a custom, efficient and efficient website for businesses to top charts.

Build secure, fast, and pleasing websites with CWS

CWS is a Joomla website development company, that coherently builds your brand into a practical, engaging, and user-friendly website.  As an e-commerce company itself, CWS understands expectations from a Joomla development company and will provide robust and scalable solutions to your business. Our process starts with hours of discussion with the client to understand their needs of business and vision for the project. Developers at CWS employ modern technologies and software to create a pleasing and captivating design for the website. After designing, the team starts working on the backend, creating a bug-free, robust framework to store information and data efficiently. CWS creates fast and secure products with time and cost-effectiveness. The products delivered are ready to launch and beforehand subjected to various rounds of testing. Our team is always present for technical support and issues. Without wasting another moment, hire a Joomla programmer from CWS now!

Who do we build for?

Be it in the navigation industry or catering, home sellers, or small-scale businesses. Education or gaming, online teaching or networking, CWS can build innovative and inventive websites for every domain. Each business today needs a competent website and at CWS we aime 100% customer satisfaction. 

  • Business directory updating/development
  • Community website development/maintenance
  • Social networking website development
  • Hotels and restaurants’ website
  • Joomla custom website development
  • Joomla custom templates
  • Joomla custom modules
  • Joomla custom portals developments/maintenance
  • Joomla module installation

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Is Joomla only used for content management?

While Joomla may have gained popularity for being an easy and flexible platform for content editing and management, Joomla with support from various extensions can also be used as an eCommerce platform. It is also used for building websites and blogging. The support for various graphics allows developers to create aesthetically pleasing content for customers. 

What are the technical requirements for Joomla?

CWS uses the top in the market and the latest technologies for web development. The developers use modern tech tools to create competitive products. For Joomla, the latest versions of PHP and MYSQL are recommended. PHP version 7 and MySQL version 5.6 are the base requirements. 

Is Joomla the best development platform?

Being open source and free of cost, Joomla provides many categories of features for custom development. Many free components are also available in the form of extensions and many free templates are also available for use with flexible features. Joomla is a recommendable platform.   

Does CWS Technology help in the maintenance of websites?

The role of CWS in the growth of business doesn’t end with the creation of products. The website is checked for various traffic environments and security tests to create an error-free launch. CWS Technology also offers maintenance of website traffic and security updates. Our technical team will be happy to assist in any technical issue.


Being open source and free of cost, Joomla provides many categories of features for custom development. Many free components are also available in the form of extensions and many free templates are also available for use with flexible features. Joomla is a recommendable platform.   


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