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How The Future of E-commerce Depends On Mobile Apps ?

future of mobile app for eCommerce business

Since its inception into the marketplace, E-commerce has been bewitching people and is proving its mettle. Does it seem like something hard to digest?
Is it something hard to believe? It’s a fact and sooner you realize the importance of e-Commerce the longer you will be able to thrive in the market competencies. Enterprises have recognized its importance and are aware of the fact that how crucial e-Commerce development is for their business. With smartphones coming into play, e-Commerce will only augment in the coming years, thus, is affecting substantial potential customers through mobile apps.

Is there any correlation between mobile apps and e-Commerce? Or let’s rephrase the topic: is there any relation between e-Commerce development services and mobile app development? Obviously, there is indeed, a connection between them and the future of e-Commerce depends on mobile apps to take it further ahead.

Still in doubt? Well, go through these stats.

# 80 percent of shoppers prefer mobile apps over desktops.

# 1/3rd of all e-Commerce shopping is made through Smartphone.

# More than 140 million Smartphone users prefer mobile apps for shopping only in the USA.

# Current e-commerce statistics state that 40 percent of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices. This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow.

Intriguing!! And the good thing is that these numbers are not permanent and will likely rise. With everyone embracing this new trend, it’s quite difficult to have an upper hand over others but one who does, enjoys a lot of privileges.

So, let’s find out why mobile apps are the future of e-Commerce business.

Mobile e-Commerce app :-

Which one do you prefer for online shopping? Mobile apps or desktop software? We already know the answer to this but still, we need to throw the limelight on mobile apps as they are setting a new trend. With online portals going app only is a great example of how crucial mobile apps for e-Commerce stores. Just a few clicks and you’ll be served right at your doorstep without moving out of your four walls.

The first step in any business is to find a reliable mobile app development company or developer in the market that can develop an app for you so that the moment you start your business it’s successful. What assures this fact is the availability of mobile devices like Android, iOS, windows etc. that further strong the position of mobile apps.

Tracking Into Stores :-

The major difference between e-Commerce stores and physical retail stores is the tracking ability. As tracking is next to impossible in retail stores which could be detrimental from the user perspective, therefore, enterprises are focusing on e-Commerce to provide customers with online tracking and customer information with their real-time experience. This not only improves user experience and shopping experience but also allowing retailers to personalize the customer relationship effectively.

Technical Cognizance :-

Technology plays a crucial role and the fact that it keeps growing at an enormous rate, therefore, it is imperative to keep fingers on the pulse of technology as you might get something that would make you the winner of the competitive race. You don’t have to do things technically, but you should be aware of the technological advancements and rest the mobile app development company will take care of. The benefit is that you’ll be in a better position in understanding your company’s strategy and even come up with a solution that your mobile app development company didn’t think of.

Digital Payments :-

With e-Commerce, how easy it has become to pay digitally. As there is a rise in digital payments, there are alternative payment methods such as mobile wallets, PayPal, eBay or other online payment providers. Digital payments are not only convenient for mobile shopping experience but also for users to pay instantly right within the few clicks.

AI Systems :-

As already mentioned that technology changes rapidly and with that everything changes. For instance, there are hundreds of thousands of app available in the market and a few years back it was not possible to integrate them into each other but now that thing has changed as we can automate the entire process with ease. e-Commerce enjoys a healthy advantage over other sectors with AI coming into the picture as it’s a revolutionary algorithm for maximum optimal results to have better user experience and high converting leads for your e-Commerce portal. By developing systems using these algorithms, we can design optimize and effective e-Commerce portals that will move into an even higher level as the technology advances.

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