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Keeping Your Project Secure: Quick Tips

keeping your project secure

In most organizations, a project management tool holds all the project information within a single platform for efficiency and freeing up the flow of this information between the layers. However a clear balance needs to be set between this flow of information and keeping your project secure from unauthorized viewers.

A project manager needs to have this balance worked out; as part of their role is to ensure that the right people have access to the right information in order to complete their job. However there tends to come a time where the information could fall into the wrong hands if the process of information within a project management tool is not monitored correctly. Unfortunately for a project manager, security is less about the technology and more to do with human error.

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So how does the project manager ensure that information associated with a project or projects is being kept fully secure within a project management tool?

  1. Ranking: Identify and rank how sensitive each piece of information associated with a project is initially. This will act as a guide to a Project Manager when it comes to applying access rights to the rest of the project team.
  2. Access Rights: May not suit every organization but if it does it could be very useful in terms of security. Putting authentication measures in place on project information will ensure only authorized personal get access to classified information. The Project Manager needs to put some thought into this step to ensure that the right people have access to the information they need to do their job.
  3. Requests: Having log-in requests on certain areas of the project management tool and only release the log-in details to the individuals who require them.
  4. Is that necessary?: If you want to ensure that confidential information is kept away from prying eyes perhaps it would be good practice to only hold information and documentation related to on-going projects within a project management tool when it is needed.
  5. Training: Up-skill and train all users of the project management software on how to use the tool securely. Although this may seem unnecessary it could in fact prove to be highly successful in the long run of things. Putting best practice procedures in place will help highlight to project teams the importance of being vigilant when it comes to dealing one on one with sensitive project information.
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