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Our 4 Step Process for Complete Website Development

4 step process for website development


This blog outlines our 4-step process for complete website development. We begin by understanding your objectives, target audience, and design preferences. We ensure your satisfaction during the design and development phase by making revisions. The final approval phase focuses on quality checks and minor adjustments. Once completed, we will deploy your website on your server and domain.

Our 4-Step Process for Complete Website Development

  • Step 1: During the initial consulting, we will find out what you, as the customer, want to achieve from your custom website design & development. Things like target audience, current conversion rates, potential color schemes, logo design, technology stack and domain names will be discussed. We will also set target dates for each phase of completion and ensure everyone is on the same page about all aspects of the project.
  • Step 2: During the design & development phase, we put your ideas into a web form, getting your input as we move along to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our representation of your business on the web. Keeping you involved along the way keeps us from getting too far from matching your vision as we work. We will make any ‘look and feel’ revisions needed to make the site all you have envisioned.
  • Step 3: After the design & development has been completed, we go through a final approval phase to quality check and make any minor changes/corrections that should have been noticed previously. Typos, graphic imperfections and multiple browsers and mobile device tests will also occur during this phase. We will also work on shortening load times with caching, smaller file sizes and script compression.
  • Step 4: Finally, we have the deployment phase, where your website is officially ready to be launched on your web server & domain. We support you, your business and your website after the design & development. We offer various web hosting & SEO packages to meet your needs.

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Our 4-step process ensures a seamless and customised website development experience. We prioritise your goals, target audience, and design preferences. Quality checks, adjustments, and performance optimisations are conducted. We provide ongoing support and offer web hosting and SEO packages. Contact us now for a free quote, and let us bring your mobile and web development needs to life.

At CWS Technology, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional website development services. Our streamlined 4-step process allows us to collaborate closely with clients, transforming their vision into a functional and visually appealing website. We prioritise client satisfaction by incorporating feedback throughout the development journey. With a focus on quality, performance, and ongoing support, we offer web hosting and SEO packages tailored to your business needs. Contact us today for a free quote and let us be your trusted partner in mobile and web development.


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