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Android App Development: What does it store for developers/Users?

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January is that period of a year where we introspect on what we did in the last year and start looking to the months ahead with great enthusiasm and wait for what the coming year has in store for us.

With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibility. 

New Year, New Android App Development Trends

android app development

The good thing about android app development is that it constantly evolves with new features and trends. Sometimes, it’s wrong, but we should be ready.

That being said, let’s look at what we’ll see this year.

1. Nougat Is The New Kid In The Block

Since day one, Android has left everyone stunned with its confectionery-theme code names. The good thing is that each Operating System is in alphabetical order, with the most recent version being Android 7.0 Nougat. As with every new version, Android has something unique to offer its users with more power-packed features and a smoother user experience.

Android users love what the Tech Giant has in store for them and are ranting and bragging about the new version they enjoy compared to their “peers”.

Some of its features:

  • App shortcuts
  • Send GIFs directly from the default keywords
  • Improved VR thread scheduling
  • Enhanced wallpaper metadata
  • New emojis

2. Extra Layer of Security

Every time users install an app, the first thought that comes to their mind is how safe that app is and whether it brings any security vulnerability. As more and more transactions are made through mobile apps, security tops the priority list. You don’t want an app to leak your vital information, and that’s where Android is focusing on and is doing away with poor encryption standards.

Google has delivered security solutions for android app development services, and as a consequence, users can create a separate workspace for business apps, adding an extra layer of security.

3. IoT will occupy the centre stage.

The Internet Of Things has taken the technology to the next level. The internetworking of computing devices enables these devices to collect and exchange data. Google has integrated IoT with devices like iWatch, Google Glass, smart TVs, thermostats, and wearable devices.

“Now any Android developer can quickly build a smart device using Android APIs and Google services while staying highly secure with updates direct from Google,” writes Google’s Wayne Piekarski, developer advocate for IoT.”

Such integration involves the usage of complex mobile platforms and enterprise backend infrastructure that share data between them. Since all the data is shared efficiently, as a developer, you can bring data analytics to examine large amounts of data to get more insights and uncover hidden patterns.

With the rise in this trend, the future of Android App Development will offer more opportunities for developers to develop amazing Android apps.

4. Android Instant Apps Are Likely To Stay

Can you run apps with just a single tap without downloading them? Google recently announced its Instant Apps feature that does not require apps to be downloaded. The best part is that it saves you time and memory space. This concept is a game-changer and is gaining momentum. Imagine you could run an app instantly without installation with quick insight and experience.

5. Apps With GPS Are Common

Did you play Pokemon Go this year? If not, you must have heard of it, or maybe your friends have bragged about it. Whatsoever, the point is the game was GPS enabled. Users have to move around to get the sensation of Augmented reality (AR). It was a huge success; therefore, going by the trend, Android app developers focus on location-tracking/navigation apps. This functionality enhances user engagement and finds its place in different walks of life, retail, IoT, Telecom, automobile etc.


To sum up, Android app development is a dynamic field that offers many opportunities and challenges for developers and users alike. The latest version, Android 7.0 Nougat, brings new features and enhancements that make the user experience more enjoyable and secure.

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